Fourth Shade of Grey

Outfit: Baies d'Erelle Nose Ring / Minimum Coat / Zara Sweat / Mango Leggings / Vagabond Booties

The nose ring - This amazing piece from Baies d'Erelle, a swiss jewelry brand, is the perfect mix between the aesthetic and functionality! I used to keep saying to my friends, it's okay it's for Fashion and not for functionality.. ahaha! I wish I had a real piercing. I just love these nose rings, even more after my stay in Nepal, over there all the girls (including babies) have one, but I will never do anything to my face. I mean, earrings are not the same, it is kind of normal in our society for girls to have some, and you can hide them or just take them away. Piercing are more showy and I don't like that. So, after visiting the Edelweiss Showroom in Geneva, few days ago, I found the masterpiece at Baies d'Erelle. She has this nose ring that I can wear anytime I want and just take it off whenever I wish. It is functional and aesthetic! I love it! It is simple, but still in brass and coper plated pale gold. The oval is engraved and makes it very chic! 
More extravagant, these white vagabond are the best! I could definitely wear them everyday, I won't feel pain, ever! I like the big platform, but still, with a heel. Furthermore, I am a young and half asian girl, meaning; I'm a short girl.. ahaha so I really appreciate their platform :)))! 
About the leopard coat, I always wanted one, but sometimes leopard print can be vulgar or cheap. Minimum, is a danish brand (again after Suit) and I adore what they do and the Scandinavian Minimalism. The coat was waiting for me in Milan, Leopard print in grey and black! Enjoy


Mixing shades and cut in Milan

Outfit: Suit Cardigan / H&M Crop Top / MinkPink Skirt / Anaëlle Clot Bag / Retrosuperfuture Sunnies Vagabond Booties

Caro Milano, I had a lovely time in Milan few days ago. The perfect autumnal weather was appuntamento! Hihih Just cold enough to wear my SUIT and beloved cardigan with my new MINKPINK skirt (also bought in Moho, St Gallen). Additional to these cuties, I took with me a screen printed tote bag, but this time designed by Anaëlle Clot! My adorable brother offered it to me as a present and I am so thankful! You should check out her website, she's creating some amazing designs and draws! We shot while walking around in Brera, a very cute and fancy fancy neighborhood. Fall is for sure the best season ever, the temperature is just right as it should be, not too cold or warm. It allows me to mix a lot my outfits. Wearing short/long sleeves, skirt and booties, why not adding a pretty scarf matching your jacket and using different materials as well. 


Journal Cardigan

Outfit: Suit Cardigan / Osklen Top / Zara Jeans & Cut-out Boots / Retrosuperfuture Sunnies Cashmere Scarf from Nepal / Vintage Sylvain Lefèbre Bag

The Journal Cardigan... The danish brand SUIT is definitely the best. I love their style, the cut of their clothes, the material they use and of course this grey/black and north touch. I've always wanted a long jacket, but couldn't find a good one, until I went back again in Moho, which is a great shop with different labels in St. Gallen (CH), don't miss it whenever you're around SG. The Journal Cardigan from Suit is my key accessory for this upcoming Fall. I just love it, mixing it with dark colors and skirts as well, it is just perfect to wear, so comfy and well-cut. You will see more outfits with this jumper unique in its kind...hiihi!