Around the Corner

Last Week-End, I flew over the british capital and couldn't be more happier to be back in the beautiful and edgy city of London! It was so exciting to be there for the London Fashion Week, as my very first time at a real Fashion Week! I stayed in Shoreditch, which was very pleasant. I would call it like the Williamsburg of London. This neighborhood reminds me so much of Willi, for its coolness and easy going way of life. As a reinvented old industrial zone with many artists and cute places to go, as much as, flea markets, coffee shops, restaurants, or clubs and galleries, Shoreditch is full of surprises! 

The shoot happened just after having a really good breakfast in the neighborhood. I found the Wall so cool that we had to shoot in front of it! The artist is Shepard Fairey, and it's right towards the NikeLab in Shoreditch! Now that I'm talking about this shop, if you're visiting London, you should definitely stop by the store, I was pretty much amazed by everything in there, from the sneakers to the clothing passing by the shop in itself or the architecture! 

Finally, I'm wearing a comfy outfit in order to keep on visiting the city, even though, it was actually freezing! How should I say it? I'm in love with this Longchamp Heritage bag!!! I love the size, it's the perfect size! Its color is powerful and I like that! 

Sunnies: Dior
Shirt: Zara
Cardigan: SuitDenmark
Skinny Jeans: TopShop via Zalando
Booties: Vagabond
Bag: Longchamp Heritage


Running in snowy Zürich

Hi guys! Omg it has been a week without posting anything! First of all, I'm sorry, but I've been working pretty hard for Romande Magazine and I'm sooooo excited for the second issue to come! Be Ready!!!

So lately, I've been around Zürich, most of the time it was for meetings, or ModeSuisse, but I also went to Art on Ice, which is an amazing show where artists are performing and singing on stage, while on ice, figure skating is happening! The beauty and elegance of ice skating is just breathtaking! It was wonderful to see the power and the rapidity on the ice! Plus, the great Nelly Furtado and Tom Odell were singing for the show!  

This shoot happened just after the show! I was wearing this vintage cape with a pretty cute skirt! I love the combo of both colors  combine together. The shooting was very spontaneous and natural :)!

Cape: Vintage
Sweat: Sandro
Skirt: Zara
Booties: Zara


This is all about Layering

I don't know if it's a kinda vibe at the moment, but for me, it's all about layering. I like mixing styles, textures and superposing different pieces of clothing. I'm such in a maxi and oversize mood for a while now. Some of my friends, would called my current style, as a hobo style and that made me laugh a lot! :) 

No kidding, superposing clothes is a very good idea, you could find some interesting combo that you would never have thought about it before! Plus, in Winter, as you may haven't gotten any warm winter coat/jacket, layering could really help you to get through those breezy days! 

I love mixing a maxi and pretty tight skirt with sneakers. It breaks the rules and like that! As I said before about oversized stuff, I love my huge scarf/blanket from Johnstons of Elgin. My boyfriend offered it to me as a xmas present and I couldn't be more happier! Merino wool guarantees you to feel warm! :) 

Fluffy Sweater: Caroll Paris
Debardeur: Zara
Cardigan: Suit
Long Skirt: Zara
Sneakers: Adidas



Da Bomber Jacket

Hi Guys! I'm so happy and excited to share my new and beloved Bomber Jacket with you today! I love velvet in any pieces of clothing; from the headband, to the light vest, through the comfy leggings or now, with this amazing green/blue bomber jacket!

So, I've been waiting for this moment for a while now... hihih! I have to admit that I love SALES, I mean who doesn't? ;) I can tell you that you can get some serious bargains with Sales; you juste need to be a little bit patient and of course lucky with sizes! haha :) 

Since I'm very happy about this perfect and noble green/blue velvet bomber jacket I had to make an outfit of it! Of course, many looks with this bomber will follow that one! I combined it with a simple wide mini-skirt in order to womanizer it. Plus, I'm wearing the lovely nose ring, gold like the zippers of the jacket! For me, a bomber is more seen like the perfect aviator/flight jacket... ahaha I may have History pictures in mind...anyways, with that one, I'm gonna have fun mixing it with different types of clothes! 

Nose Ring: Baiesderelle
Bomber Jacket: Sandro
Sweater: Weekday
Skirt: Zara
Booties: H&M (New Icons Collection 2013)