When Blue meets Silver

That is official! I cannot live without this coat! This is the best one ever! I can not stop wearing it since I got it, a month ago back in Shoreditch, London. So comfy, light and oversized, this has all the parameters for a spring jacket that I could dream of!

I chose to combine my lovely and design coat with this deep and royale blue shirt from Akris. The shirt could be seen a little bit weird, with its sort of short cape above the shoulders, but that is what makes it special! 

Plus, my new shoes are so craycray! I love silver shoes! Kind a weird for some people, I do love wearing these! Even more with my little socks, which are definitely made for this outfit! 

Coat: The Lazy Ones
Sunnies: Dior
Shirt: Akris
Jeans: CheapMonday
Socks: COS 
Shoes: Zara


Cocktail de la Tulipe

Two weeks ago, I went to the beautiful Cocktail de la Tulipe organized at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Geneva. Every year, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel celebrates the venue of spring time through this cocktail with all its guests! 

For this year, we didn't celebrate only the spring's venue, but also the 65th Birthday of the establishment, back in a day, named "Hotel du Rhône", plus, its 15 years, called as the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It was the first time I had the chance to participate to this event and it was very pleasant as well! 

The tulip, as the symbol of the spring season, was au rendez-vous! Surrounded by incredible floral decorations, the hotel transformed itself for one charming night. A bunch of delicious appetizers were served in the different rooms of the Hotel. Swiss and traditional dishes were proposed next to amazing oriental and asian specialties! A very nice event, where cultures and people can meet, thanks to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel!

I chose to wear a cute dress, but still pretty chic from Sandro. Adding some socks to the heels and wearing a lovely Bindi, in order to get the outfit more special to me.

Dress: Sandro
Bag: Vintage Longchamp
Socks: COS
Heels: H&M


When India meets Austria

Recently, I thought that spring time was out! We used to say that spring is just around the corner, but here in Switzerland, I seriously doubt about its venue! It's freezing out there! So, hopefully, during one of my latest trip to London, I stopped by some flea markets, where I had the chance to find some interesting piece of clothing! 

You already might have seen that I am totally into large and oversized coat, and I am not ready to stop! After getting one of my favorite cardigan ever at The Lazy Ones, I found an amazing original loden coat from Austria! It was made for me, I saw it on a stander with many others, but this loden coat directly attracted me..aahaha and it fits me perfectly! I could not be more happier about this bargain! 

In addition to this amazing loden, I brought back some Bindis! I had so many from my last trip to Nepal, but unfortunately I can not put an hand on them! So, here I am, wearing a cutie bindi! I love these, discret but very pretty, those makes the perfect face accessory! :)

Bindi: from an indian grocery shop in Shoreditch
Pashmina: Brought from the Mauritius Island
Sweaters: LF Stores
Skinny Jeans: CheapMonday
Bag: Sandro


Endless Love

Velvet power! It is okay to wear a velvet jacket even during spring time! A short article for sharing my endless fondness to this vest! 

Deep deep in love with this bomber jacket, since I got it! The velvet and its color just make it so special! A funny thing about it, is that most people who complimented it were boys!

Anyways, love it, and you will discover more looks combined with it! 

Sunnies: Retrosuperfuture
Bomber: Sandro
Sweat: Mango
Short: Zara
Booties: Vagabond
Bag: Vintage Longchamp