Fourth Outfit from Netherlands

Outfit: Suit Cardigan / H&M Blouse / Paul&Joe Trousers / Adidas Low Sleek Sneakers 

The white & right touch - It was the last day of my trip to the cloudy Amsterdam, which rimes with the last day for running in the city and trying to get the more of it before leaving. So it was all about having a good time and wearing a  pretty comfy outfit, including these amazing and back in my heart Adidas sneakers. They're bringing the right touch of lightness in my (as more and more usual) dark outfit. Trousers from Paul & Joe have this incredible power, light, comfy, soft and of course well-cut and stylish, they make you wanna wear them all day every day! Hihih 


Cape is out

Outfit: Soeder Beanie / Vintage Maura Cape bought at Moo!zo / H&M fluffy Jacket / MaxMara Polo Neck Sweater /
Zara Jeans / Vagabond Boots / Longchamp Bag 

Black Cape in Vondelpark
While having fun in Amsterdam, driving like crazy my rented bike all around the city, I stopped by the very british styled Vondelpark.  It was one of this cold & grey atmosphere. I thought, I would have needed some gloves while running in town, but actually, I just adapted myself and tried to be like a native one, which means; driving while holding an umbrella, no gloves (freezing our butts off), some grocery bags and maybe add a kid or a dog on a basket..hahah, and there is still the traffic to be aware of. Driving without gloves was hard enough for me ;). 
All black, as always. 
Firstly, it's way too cool, I felt like Severus Snape (Severus Rogue in French) - a J.K. Rowling's character from Harry Potter - Common you recognized me! Ahaha
No, more seriously, I bought the cape at Moo!Zo, a Second-Hand Shop in Amsterdam. I was searching for the right one, but couldn't find it. I like this one, pretty wide, no sleeves but still a good cut in order to have the possibility of using my arms.. okay I'm joking, but I do like the cut! Looking forward to mix it with other ensembles! 


Casual Amsterdam

Outfit: Soeder Beanie / Tote Bag from the Stedeljik Museum / H&M Crop Top / TopShop Jeans / Maje Coat / Adidas Low Sleek Model 

Casual style, while exploring this magical capital. I went to the Stedeljik Museum, which is a modern/contemporary art and design museum in Amsterdam, where I bought the Tote bag, as you can read. Their shop is full of designed and cool stuffs, since you're there you should definitely visit the museum!  I love Art in general and this visit was very interesting and inspiring! My old and low sleek Adidas are actually pretty cool and very comfortable, I used to wear them back when I was dancing some Hip-Hop... Ahahhaha. It's a rediscovery, and I think I appreciate them even more now! Don't hesitate to go again in your closet and find some old pieces that you could have forgotten and you may adapt them to your style from now on.